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  • Children in class 8:45am
  • Lessons Begin 8:50am
  • End of Day 3.10pm (Reception)
  • 3.15pm (KS1 and KS2)


At Two Mile Hill Primary we want all children to achieve their full potential in the academic, artistic, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of their lives.


Therefore we have created and are implementing a curriculum with a focus on acquiring knowledge, developing skills and unleashing creativity.


Through our broad and balanced curriculum, we will provide the skills our children need to become lifelong learners. 


We will inspire children to independently make connections across their learning, deepen their thinking and challenge themselves. 


Through our engaging and creative curriculum our children will gain knowledge of local, national and global events which have and continue to make an impact on our culture and community.

Picture 1 Our Vision for our Curriculum

The diagram above illustrates how we believe the different aspects of our curriculum overlap. Through our careful planning, connections are made between learning so that our children appreciate how interconnected everything is.


Follow the links below to find out more about the different aspects of our curriculum.