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  • Children in class 8:45am
  • Lessons Begin 8:50am
  • End of Day 3.10pm (Reception)
  • 3.15pm (KS1 and KS2)


When Two Mile Hill was built in 1896, the architects and designers had the forethought to plant a small copse next to the school. After over 100 years, it is still intact and contains some beautiful, mature trees. This is our Woodland that we use to enhance our curriculum. 


During their time at the school, our children use our forest area in a variety of ways. In reception they have forest school. This promotes outdoor learning and being connected to your environment. During forest school sessions, the children will have the opportunity to climb trees, use saws, build dens, create mud pictures and sculptures. In fact they are only limited by their imagination.


As the children move through our school the woodland area is used in different ways. In some year groups it is used to inspire children's writing; in others to investigate mini beasts and their habitats.


This year our woodland area is going to be transformed. Working with the artist Marjetica Potrc and architects firm Ooze, this area is going to be developed to enhance its capability as a learning resource and as a important habitat for wildlife.