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I'm currently reading The Infinite by Patience Agbabi.  It's about Elle, who is a Leapling. This means she has her birthday on 29th February.  Leaplings have the ability to travel through time.  On her twelfth birthday, Elle receives a mysterious message from the future.    This book is totally original, with a cast of great characters.   I'm looking forward to sharing this book with you in the library.


Mrs Hamerton

Have you tried Book Spine Poetry? Make your own poems using the titles on book spines. Here are a couple of examples we've made at home. I'd love to see your examples!

Some  book themed creative ideas to try:


Do you have a favourite book but you really don't like the cover? Why not have a go at creating your own version.  Make it as colourful, plain or as detailed as you like. Don't forget to include a blurb on the back, and quotes from your favourite authors.


Perhaps you think a book you have read would work well as a comic book.  So now is your opportunity to make that a reality!  Have a go at turning a book you love into a comic book.  There are plenty of templates online for comic book strips, or you can make your own using pencil and ruler.


Think about your favourite characters from picture books - is it The Gruffalo?  Or The Hungry Caterpillar? Maybe it's Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs or a character from a traditional tale.  Now think about what might happen if that character suddenly appeared in your current chapter book.  How would that character react?  How would others respond to them?  Now write that story!


Have a go at book spine poetry, see the post above.


For other story starter ideas look at the Authorfy website.  Authors are posting 10 minute story starter ideas each morning.  Have fun with your writing and book themed creativity! 

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