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  • Children in class 8:45am
  • Lessons Begin 8:50am
  • End of Day 3.10pm (Reception)
  • 3.15pm (KS1 and KS2)

School Councillors

The children below have been selected by their classmates to represent them on the school council. The councillors will meet once a term and will be invited to meet with the Full Governing Body of the school twice a year. Mrs Watts is looking forward to working with you all. 


School Councillors for 2016-2017

 Year 1: Ronny, Faith, Imelda-Mae, Aarav, Hadiyah, Matthew

Year 2: Logan, Konrad, Layla

Year 3: Elsie-Mae, Eron, Kabir

Year 4: Kaydee, Suzanna,Amelia

Year 5: Harry, Daisy

Year 6: Chloe, Callum, Kian