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Two Mile Hill Primary School Building Knowledge, Empowering All.



Our Curriculum aims to:

  • Inspire curiosity and build resilience in pursuit of excellence

  • Engage all learners and use the idea of mirrors and windows to help children understand their community and the wider world

  • Build hope and integrity within our school family

  • Integrate the most effective teaching methods based on    current research

  • Foster a culture of learning where taking risks, challenging oneself and the process of learning is celebrated

  • Teach subject specific knowledge and skills, making meaningful links across the curriculum


These aims provide the basis for the design of our curriculum.

Follow the links below where you can find out more about the way our curriculum is designed.


Head Teacher's Welcome Close

Welcome to our website. Two Mile Hill Primary is a successful school in East Bristol where children are supported to develop the values and skills by which they will live life and develop a love of learning.

"Pupils are kind and tolerant. They celebrate the diversity within their school. Everyone is treated with dignity and equality." OFSTED 2022