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Our Vision for English


“The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is to teach them to read, and to show them that reading is a pleasurable activity.” Neil Gaiman


At Two Mile Hill, our teaching of English will ensure that pupils can become articulate, confident and emotionally literate members of society who speak, read and write fluently.


We place particular emphasis on fostering a love for reading as we believe that reading for pleasure is the gateway to not only academic success within English and across the curriculum as a whole, but crucial in developing children’s emotional and social well-being. Reading provides a window onto the world: allowing children to empathise with others and imagine life in someone else’s shoes. It also provides a mirror: a reflective tool for understanding their own experiences and emotions. Through English, children are able to consider ideas and encounter concepts beyond their immediate lived reality, enabling them to engage positively with others and preparing them to become global citizens within the diverse and interconnected modern world.


At the heart of our English curriculum is the use of high-quality whole texts chosen for their rich language, diverse content and ability to inspire children, broadening their cultural, emotional, intellectual and social outlook. Being introduced to a wide range of high-level texts and authors across their primary school experience, allows children to build up a core set of familiar texts and enables them to apply the structures, vocabulary and ideas from their reading into their independent writing.


Unlike most other subjects, English impacts every area of daily life, therefore competency in the subject is essential for ensuring social justice; allowing children to reach their potential and succeed both at school and in the wider world, whatever their starting point in life.


Our teaching of English will ensure that pupils are well equipped for the next stage in their education and have a secure grounding in the fundamentals of the written and spoken word. By the end of primary school, children will be able to read fluently with understanding; read for pleasure and enjoy a wide range of literature; have acquired a wide vocabulary; have a secure understanding of grammatical conventions; write accurately and coherently for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences; communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively through spoken word; listen and respond to others through debates and discussions.

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Welcome to our website. Two Mile Hill Primary is a successful school in East Bristol where children are supported to develop the values and skills by which they will live life and develop a love of learning.

"Pupils are kind and tolerant. They celebrate the diversity within their school. Everyone is treated with dignity and equality." OFSTED 2022