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Two Mile Hill Primary School Building Knowledge, Empowering All.


Our Vision

Our Vision

Our core purpose is to ensure that all children, irrelevant of their starting point, have the opportunity  to develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. It underpins our teaching and learning, and provides an environment which prepares our pupils for the next stage of their education. We enable children to acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their experiences. We build a community where children are more than just educated, and where all feel safe and supported.


We want our children to be:


Happy confident learners who:

  • have strong skills in Maths, English and Computing;
  • have a wide general knowledge;
  • are resourceful, curious and enthusiastic with a thirst for learning for which they take responsibility;
  • understand the importance of being reflective on what and how you have been learning;
  • understand the value and importance of education and how learning can shape their future success and happiness;
  • are developing their emotional literacy enabling them to be resilient, proactive and responsive to their own needs;
  • develop a passion for reading and a love of the written word;
  • believe that intelligence improves through study, hard work and practice;
  • can work collaboratively and independently (reciprocity);



Citizens of the future who:

  • respect and value their own and others work, the need for work and understand that you get out of work what you put in
  • make social and environmental choices with integrity and hope
  • communicate effectively in a variety of ways
  • are tolerant, empathetic individuals with positive and respectful interpersonal skills
  • celebrate and embrace diversity within both the local and global community;
  • understand the responsibility they have to themselves, their local community and the wider world when making choices
  • strive for excellence


As a school we will:


  • offer children an inclusive, creative and challenging curriculum ensuring children develop their curiosity and leave our school with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need for the next stage in their education;
  • develop children as learners, making sure they understand how they need to think and behave to be successful (the 4 Rs – Reflectiveness, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reciprocity);
  • nurture children’s self-esteem and sense of their power to influence their own lives and that of the community;
  • celebrate and recognise excellence and children’s successes whatever their age or starting point;
  • have high hopes and aspirations for the future helping all pupils see the possibilities and opportunities that education provides;
  • create a community where individuals are treated with respect and differences are celebrated;
  • ensure that we behave with integrity and that the children understand what they need to do to demonstrate this.
Head Teacher's Welcome Close

Welcome to our website. Two Mile Hill Primary is a successful school in East Bristol where children are supported to develop the values and skills by which they will live life and develop a love of learning.

"Pupils are kind and tolerant. They celebrate the diversity within their school. Everyone is treated with dignity and equality." OFSTED 2022