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School Councillors

TMH Primary School Council


This Year school councillors were all elected by their class to represent them at our meetings. 

The application process involved the children applying by answering the following two questions:


  1. Why should you be chosen to be school councillor representative for your class?
  2. What ideas do you have for improving our school over the next academic year?


Each class then voted anonymously for their chosen representative. It was a difficult decision, as there were so many suitable applicants with fantastic ideas.


Our school councillors this year are:


Year 1:   Zoe and India

Year 2: Lena, Zuzia and Chloe














Year 3: Ruby, Alfie and Emilia

Year 4: Joseph, Amari and Asia

Year 5: Diandrew, Asma, Harlan and Sadie

Year 6:  RJ, Ayman and Aarav



Lead Teacher:  Mrs Mayo


The councillors decided that it would be appropriate for us to have leaders of the council. We therefore held interviews for the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.  These students were interviewed by Mrs Mayo and Julia Skinner, our Chair of governors. Again, this was a very difficult choice to make as all the children answered confidently and compassionately.


Chair  -Ayman


Vice Chair- Aarav and RJ


Secretary -Asia and Sadie


The successful candidates meet regularly and are responsible for the agenda and planning what will be discussed at each of the meetings.  They  also prepare articles for the newsletter and take minutes.  


We have two main focus tasks for school councillors this Year. The first is to look at the way we encourage and promote positive relationships and support the Anti- Bullying Alliance.  We will also be focusing on promoting the importance of Online Safety throughout the school.


We are very excited about the work we will be carrying out this Year and look forward to updating you through our school newsletters.  We will be meeting every other Wednesday.  Look out for any updates.

Cyber-Bullying(Term 4 Focus)


This term the children have been focusing on delivering information and messages to the wider school community about Cyberbullying.

This will involve thinking about what to look out for and what to do if you or anyone you know is experiencing this.


                            What is Cyber-bullying?





Cyber-bullying takes place online, such as through social networking sites, messaging apps or gaming sites. Like other forms of bullying, it is the repetitive, intentional harming of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. (See also the school behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy.)


What to do if you are being Cyber-bullied?


At Two Mile Hill Primary we raise awareness of Cyber-bullying by using B-L-O-C-K (BLOCK):

                                                    B-Block the bullies.

                   L-Leave the platform.

                               O-Only connect with friends.

                          C-Contact a trusted adult

     K-Keep Safe!


Click here to see the BLOCK Video.


If you or your child are experiencing any unpleasant bullying behaviours online, please contact the school immediately and speak to a member of our safeguarding team.


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