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There are three classes in Year Six: Doves, Ravens and Ospreys. All three classes are located in the Upper School Hall.


This year we will be covering some exciting topics:

Term 1: How would conflict have affected you?

Term 2: What does an evolutionary biologist do?
Term 3: How are we changing our world?
Term 4: How are we changing our world?
Term 5: Travelling through space: a dream or reality?
Term 6: Who were the Mayans?


In Maths we will continue to practise the times tables three time a week. Year Six pupils will cover all Key Stage 2 curriculum objectives during the year and will secure and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.


In English, we will use lots of exciting picture books and novels to help us write in a range of contexts. We will also have spelling and grammar lessons every week and will use this knowledge to improve our writing.


Year Six is an important year as children have their final SATs test. We encourage more independent learning to prepare children for secondary school.


During the year, Year Six go on lots of exciting trips and participate in a variety of workshops. At the end of Year Six, we go on a residential trip to Morfa Bay, which children always love. This trip is full of fun activities and is a great way to reward children for their hard work throughout primary school.


We hope that when pupils leave Two Mile Hill in Year Six, they are happy, resilient learners that embody our school values.


Picture 1 Miss Chandran (Doves)
Picture 2 Miss Cowie (Ravens)
Picture 3 Miss Zoghbi (Ospreys)
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Welcome to our website. Two Mile Hill Primary is a successful school in East Bristol where children are supported to develop the values and skills by which they will live life and develop a love of learning.

"Two Mile Hill is a good School where staff are determined that all pupils receive the best possible education." OFSTED 2017