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Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 is located in both halls with Eagle Class downstairs and Buzzard and Swift class upstairs.  Year 5 is an extremely exciting year as we have some of the most exciting topics:


Term 1: The Wright Brothers vs Amelia Earhart: who are the greater flying legends?

Term 2: How do we know what roamed the Earth millions of years ago?

Term 3: Stars and Stripes: the land of the free

Term 4: Victorian innovation: what did they do for us?

Term 5: Could you be the next David Attenborough?

Term 6: Pole to Pole, our incredible world!


We will also be learning musical instruments, honing our drawing techniques and mastering building in DT.  What a busy year it will be!


For Maths, we will continue to support children in building their confidence so that they can apply maths in the real world.  They will be covering all curriculum objectives and will also be challenged to develop their problem solving skills.


English will also expose them to a range of writing genres and we will support them in using a range of grammatical features as well as developing their skills to edit and revise their work. 


Reading is essential and we will support children in developing their decoding and inference skills.  Most importantly, we allow the children to explore a wide range of texts to encourage and support their love of reading!


We hope that they will leave Year 5 confident, happy learners that embody all of our school values.


The Year 5 Staff

The Year 5 Staff 1 Miss Tunstall Buzzard Class
The Year 5 Staff 2 Mr Parmiter Eagle Class
The Year 5 Staff 3 Mr Keeling Swift Class
The Year 5 Staff 4 Miss Hawkins Buzzard LSA
The Year 5 Staff 5 Mrs Lisle-Taylor Year 5 LSA
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Welcome to our website. Two Mile Hill Primary is a successful school in East Bristol where children are supported to develop the values and skills by which they will live life and develop a love of learning.

"Two Mile Hill is a good School where staff are determined that all pupils receive the best possible education." OFSTED 2017

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