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Y6 Party Elections

This week we are holding elections because children in Year 6 have formed parties. The winning party will get £200 to spend to benefit the school. Each party has different ideas on how they will use the money to help the school. if they are successful. 


Here is what each party wants to use the money for:


Gold Party: This party wants to get football nets and a graffiti wall to make play more fun. They also will set up art clubs and an activity area at lunch time in the conservation area. 


Red Party: This party will use the money for football nets and basketball hoops. They play to use the money to buy fruit and a blender to set up a smoothie and milkshake bar. Additionally they will open the conservation area for specific year groups at lunch time. Finally they want to introduce house points to encourage good behaviour. 


Orange Party: Orange Party will use the money to buy play equipment like monkey bars in the conservation area. They will also spend the money on additional headphones for children to use in lessons. Like Red Party, this team will also bring in house points.


Pink Party: This party will use the money to get a climbing wall to go in the playground. They also want to put speakers outside so children can dance during break times. Lastly, the money will go towards more art and PE equipment so children can have a range of creative lessons.


Purple Party: The Purple Party will set up a school football team to play tournaments with other schools. They will spend the money on a wall so children leaving the school (for examples Year 6s) can be remembered. They want to start a school newspaper and a drama/ dance club. 

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