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Year 1 News


This week we have been learning about instructions. We linked our Literacy to our Numeracy work and thought about an invention that would help us with our number work. We came up with a sockodile! A sockodile is based on the crocodile that helps us remember the More Than and Less Than signs. We learnt how to write instructions using First, Next, After That, and Finally and followed them to make our sockodiles.



We have been learning the language Greater Than, More Than, Fewer and Less than to compare numbers. We have been working out what one more and one less of a given number is. We have used the More Than and Less than signs < > to work out number problems. Our sockadile has helped us!



We have been learning about famous inventors. We looked at old phones and new phones and compared them. We learnt all about the life of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone.


We learnt language such as modern, long ago, recent and new and recorded our ideas by sorting real phones and putting them on a timeline.

Head Teacher's Welcome Close

Welcome to our website. Two Mile Hill Primary is a successful school in East Bristol where children are supported to develop the values and skills by which they will live life and develop a love of learning.

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