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Year 5 News

In Year Five we have been learning how to write kenning poems and have also written a story. Kenning poems are when you write two words on each line and you give clues about an animal. For example, can you guess which class this is?







What am I?


When we did maths, we did rounding to 10, 100 and 1000. Can you work out the answer to this question?

4,725 to the nearest 1,000 is 5,025

Explain the mistake we have made.


We also did some sketching of our new class birds using different pencils and charcoals. As our topic wow, we also followed instructions on how to make paper aeroplanes! We then had a competition to see who could throw their plane the furthest.


By Alice, Eron, Imogen-Marie, Adeana, Callum and Shayzan

Head Teacher's Welcome Close

Welcome to our website. Two Mile Hill Primary is a successful school in East Bristol where children are supported to develop the values and skills by which they will live life and develop a love of learning.

"Pupils are kind and tolerant. They celebrate the diversity within their school. Everyone is treated with dignity and equality." OFSTED 2022